1000 Things to Do During COVID-19: Online activities for kids, teens, families, and adults | What’s happening in Milwaukee

1000 Things to Do During COVID-19: Online activities for kids, teens, families, and adults

More than 1000 online events and activities for kids, teens, and families during COVID-19, from all over North America! A daily LIVE EVENTS calendar, 24/7 experiences, classes, and more! Use this as a time to try something new! Click through to the details to find links and registration info, if applicable. 

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Live virtual events for kids, teens, and families: Add these to your calendars so you can tune in live! 

Monday, May 25, 2020

7:00AM (CDT)
8:00AM (CDT)
VIRTUAL EVENT: Genesee Country Village & Museum's Virtual Events - Daily at Various Times from Genesee Country Village & Museum
8:00AM (CDT)
VIRTUAL EVENT: Puppy Live Stream - Weekdays at 8am-10am and 11am-1pm Central from Snowy Pines White Labs
9:00AM (CDT)
VIRTUAL EVENT: Crafts at Home with JOANN - Weekdays 10am Eastern FAMILY CRAFTS & 7pm Eastern Grown-Up Crafts from Joann Fabric and Craft Stores
11:00AM (CDT)
VIRTUAL EVENT: Livestream Events - Weekdays at 12pm Eastern from George Washington's Mount Vernon
12:00PM (CDT)
VIRTUAL EVENT: Monterey Bay Aquarium Aviary LIVE CAM
12:00PM (CDT)
VIRTUAL EVENT: Free Digital Cooking Classes For Kids Every Week Day at 1pm Eastern from Delish
12:00PM (CDT)
VIRTUAL EVENT: Zoo Keepers LIVE - Daily at 1pm Eastern from The Toronto Zoo
12:00PM (CDT)
VIRTUAL EVENT: #AquariumAtHome - Weekdays at 1pm Eastern from Tennessee Aquarium
1:00PM (CDT)
VIRTUAL EVENT: ($30) LIVE Virtual Silhouette Event with Karl Johnson - Every Mon, Wed & Fri at 11am Pacific from Cut Arts Inc
1:00PM (CDT)
VIRTUAL EVENT: Zoo to You - Weekdays at 2pm Eastern from Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens
2:00PM (CDT)
VIRTUAL EVENT: Covid-19 Updates with Chief Bioscientist Dr. Jayatri Das at 3pm Eastern with The Franklin Institute
3:00PM (CDT)
VIRTUAL EVENT: Couch Concerts - Mon, Wed & Fri at 4pm Eastern from The Kennedy Center
6:00PM (CDT)
VIRTUAL EVENT: Raise A Glass – Facebook Live Concert with Sam Swanson - May 25 at 7-9pm Eastern from White Springs Winery
7:00PM (CDT)
VIRTUAL EVENT: Keep CAMPing - Every Mon, Wed & Fri at 7pm Central from Children's Association for Maximum Potential (CAMP)
7:00PM (CDT)
VIRTUAL CONCERT | Tchaikovsky 4 | RPO 19/20 Season Concert Rebroadcast + Live Chat